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Research Scholars

S.No.Research ScholarTitle of ThesisFunding AgenciesEnrollment Date
1RUPA RAWAT03/10/2012
2MANISH CHAHAR03/10/2012
3SONIA JAIN03/10/2012
5SUKHRAJ KAUR24/09/2012
8GURDEEP KAUR24/09/2012
9MANDEEP KAUR03/09/2012
11MEHAK AHUJA23/08/2012
12GURJINDER KAUR23/08/2012
13LALIT MITTAL23/08/2012
14HARI RAM ANTHALA23/08/2012
15SHALLU NUNIWAL23/08/2012
16SOHAN SINGH22/08/2012
17PRIYA SHARMA09/08/2012
18RAJESH KUMAR23/05/2012
20SUREKHA TANEJA30/04/2012
21SANDHYA ROHAL25/04/2012
24AMARJIT KAUR10/04/2012
27NAVITA SANDHU12/01/2012
28VIKRAM JIT SINGH11/01/2012
29JASKARAN SINGH11/01/2012
30DEEPTI GUPTA11/01/2012
32AMAN KHERA15/12/2011
35SIMRAN SINGH22/11/2011
36SONAL MINHAS22/11/2011
37AMRIT PAL KAUR30/08/2011
42ASHA DEVI BHATT17/08/2011
43RAINA KAPOOR17/08/2011
44SAHIL KUMARUGC17/08/2011
46GURMOHAN SINGH17/08/2011
52GURPREET SINGH07/04/2011
53GURPREET KAUR06/04/2011
56YUGDEEP KAUR06/04/2011
58ALAMDEEP KAUR06/04/2011
59ANJU BERWAL17/02/2011
60AMIT SIHAG20/12/2010
61SARIKA GUPTA07/12/2010
62GURJIT KAURNexus Between State Security and Individual Liberty in Relation to Extradition and Asylum: An Analytical Study07/12/2010
63VARUN MALIK25/11/2010
64JASWINDER KAURAn Analytical Study of the Judicial Review of Administrative Action in India23/11/2010
65ANJAY KUMAR23/11/2010
66KUMARI MONIKA08/11/2010
68SUNIL KUMAR03/11/2010
69GURPREET KAURHigher Education: A Critique of the Substantive Standards and Their Implementation in the State of Punjab02/11/2010
70INDU BALA01/11/2010
71ANAND KUMAR01/11/2010
72AMBIKA SHARMA01/11/2010
73LAKHWINDER SINGHExpanding Horizons of Right to Privacy: A StudyUGC29/10/2010
74NANCY SHARMA29/10/2010
75MANPREET KAUREuthanasia and Right to Die with Dignity: A Socio-Legal StudyUGC29/10/2010
76MANPREET KAUR29/10/2010
79HARPREET KAURLegal Framework for Handling and Management of Hazardous Waste: A Critical StudyUGC18/08/2010
80CHARU DUREJAProtection of Copyright and Neighbouring Rights in Digital Age under Indian Law: A Critical Analysis26/08/2009
81SANDEEP SINGH SIHAGJudicial Review of the Discretionary Powers of Governor: An Analytical Study09/06/2009
82ANMOL BRARCritical Evaluation of the Concept and Working of Plea-Bargaining with Special Reference to Indian Criminal Justice System05/06/2009
83JAGMINDER KAURHuman Rights of Non-Citizens (Aliens): Efficacy of International, Regional and Domestic Instruments27/05/2009
84NAVNEET KAUR DHALIWALEmerging Trends in Corporate Governance in India: A Comparative Study21/05/2009
85BHARATLaw Relating to Limited Liability Partnership and Its Impact on Business Environment28/04/2009
86CHANDRESHWARI MINHASAn Analytical Study of Climate Change and Its Control in International and National Legal Regime with Special Reference to Shimla and Kangra Districts of Himachal Pradesh28/04/2009
87RADHIKA DEV VERMAGenetically Modified Organisms: Socio-Legal Implications with Special Reference to India28/04/2009
88PREM CHANDThe Role and Function of National Commission for Scheduled Castes in Implementing Constitutional Safeguard for Scheduled Castes: A Socio-Legal Study09/01/2009
89DEEPTI MONGALegitimate Expectation in the Realm of Administrative Actions and The Judicial Review: A Study23/12/2008
90MOAMIL HASSANMoney Laundering International and National Legal Control Mechanism: A Critical Evaluation23/12/2008
91NEELIMA GARGCriminal Justice System and Its Connect with Fundamental Rights: A Critique23/12/2008
92CHARAN SINGHConviction Rate and the Role of Public Prosecutor: A Critique of Criminal Justice Delivery System in India with Special Reference to the State of Haryana05/09/2008
93MUNEESHWAR JOSHIA Socio-Legal Critique of the Issue of Reservation with Special Reference to the Constitution (Ninety Third Amendment) Act, 200505/09/2008
94KANU PRIYAImmigration From India and Its Implications: A Socio-Legal Study with Special Reference to State of Punjab01/09/2008
95SHEKHAR VERMAWinding Up of Companies and Role of the Judiciary22/04/2008
96SHWETA DHIRReproductive Freedom: A Human Rights Issue with Special Reference to India08/04/2008
97ANJALI BANSALCriminalisation of Politics in India: A Critique08/04/2008
98SONAL DATTASexual Offences against Women: A Socio-Legal Study with Special Reference to the State of Punjab08/04/2008
99KANWALJEET SINGHA Critical Study of the Law Relating to Crime Investigation with Special Reference to Punjab Police Rules19/02/2008
100NEETU GUPTARight to Education: A Critique with special reference to the state of Haryana31/01/2008
101KULPREET KAURRecognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in International Commercial Arbitration: A Study with reference to India29/01/2008
102VIRENDER DAHIYAA Merger Strategy and Corporate Acquisition: An Analytical Study22/01/2008
103ROHITA KUKRETILegal Control Mechanism for Protection and Preservation of Marine Environment21/01/2008
104JASNEET KAUR WALIAExpending Horizons of Freedom of Speech and Expression and the Judicial Response18/01/2008
105GURPREET KAURWorking of the Local Self Government with Special Reference to the State of Punjab18/12/2007
106RASHMI KHORANA NAGPALHuman Rights Approach to Sustainable Development in National and International Regime27/11/2007
107SUKHBIR KAURImpact of Media in Criminal Justice System: A Critique21/11/2007
108DINESH KUMARSocial Auditing of Human Rights Compliance in Transnational Corporations: A Juridical Critique16/11/2007
109MAMTA DUTTARecognition and Protection of Folk Medicines: A Study of Emerging Legal Regimes19/10/2007
110NAVDEEP KAUR GILLA Friendly Adoption Regime for Children with Parental Care: A Critique19/10/2007
111MONIKA GOYALTrade Marks as Intellectual Property with Special Reference to Well known trademarks: A Critique of Indian Law19/10/2007
112RAM KUMAR SINGLAExpending Scope of the Role of Expert Witness in Administration of Justice: A Critique19/10/2007
113ARCHANA WADHWAService Tax Legislation: A Critique06/06/2007
114MANPREET GREWALSocio-Legal Perspectives of Alcoholism with Special Reference to the State of Punjab05/06/2007
115GURPREET KAURNarcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Act: Its Operational Analysis With Special Reference to the State of Punjab25/05/2007
116AKASH KHOSLARegulation of Cyber Space: A Socio-Legal Study with Special Reference to Cyber Law in India08/05/2007
117KRISHANA KUMAR KHANDELWALConcept of Exemptions and Right to Information: A Critique01/05/2007
118NEERU AHUJATheory of Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage under the Hindu Law: A Critical Analysis01/05/2007
119SATISH KUMARParliamentary Privileges and Powers to the House on Expulsion of Members: A Critique09/02/2007
120KARAN JAWANDARights to Women Under Changing Perspective of Hindu Law: An Appraisal31/01/2007
121RUCHI SEKHRIRestorative Justice: A Study in the Context of Indian Criminal Justice System16/01/2007
122TEJWINDER SINGHLegislative Measures to Control Terrorism and their enforcement With Special Reference to the State of Punjab: A Critique16/01/2007
123ANJU SHARMABail: An Analytical Study of Emergeing Trends in India16/01/2007
124VINOD KUMARA Socio-Legal Study of Crimes Against Children with Special Reference to the State of Punjab16/01/2007
125ANISH KUMARThe Pristine Concept of Death Penalty and the Human Rights of the Condemned Person26/09/2006
126MANISH KUMAR KHUNGERRight to Information Act, 2005: Its Enforcement and Efficacy with Special Reference to the State of Punjab22/09/2006
127AMIT SHARMASpeedy Justice in Criminal Jurisprudence: A Need for Reforms29/08/2006
128SHEKHAR KUMARAlternative Disputes Resolution System in India: A Socio-Legal Study29/08/2006
129NEHAJuvenile Justice System: A Socio-Legal Critique28/08/2006
130PRABHJOT SINGHCustodial Violence and the Internatioanl Human Rights Standards: A Study of the Indian Penal Justice System28/08/2006
131PARMINDER KAURDNA Profile: In Forensic Investigations27/06/2006
132RITU JAINIPRs and Regulatory Issues in Herbal Medicines: Their Global Ramifications19/06/2006
133GOVINDER SINGHA Functional Study of the UN Security council for the Maintenance of International Peace and Security06/06/2006
134MANDEEP MITTALA Critique of Justice Delivery System and the Public Interest in India23/05/2006
135SUKHBIR KAURGenocide and Humanitarian Law: An Analytical Study in International Law23/05/2006
136SANDIPIKAExpanding Horizons of Corporate Criminal Liability: A Critical Evaluation23/05/2006
137NARINDER KUMARJudicial Accountability: A Study with Special Reference to India17/03/2006
138SABINA SALIMTransboundary Environmental Harm: A Critique of Emerging Liability Principles10/11/2005
139SONIA GREWALFarmers' Rights and Food Security in India: A Critique of the Protection of Plant Varieties And Farmers' Rights Act, 200117/12/2004
140MANDEEP KUMARProblematics of Urbanisation and Landlord - Tenant Relations In Punjab: A Critique of the Rent Act20/09/2004

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