Department of Laws

Research Scholars

S.No.Enrollment DateResearch ScholarTitle of Research Supervisor Funding Agencies
103/10/2012RUPA RAWATDr. Shipra Kaushal
203/10/2012MANISH CHAHARDr. Jyoti Rattan
303/10/2012SONIA JAINDr. Jyoti Rattan
424/09/2012RAKESHProf. Bhajan Kaur
524/09/2012SUKHRAJ KAURProf. Vijay Nagpal
624/09/2012ASHISHProf. Bhajan Kaur and Dr. Shipra Kaushal
724/09/2012SONIAProf. Vijay Nagpal
824/09/2012GURDEEP KAURProf. Bhajan Kaur
903/09/2012MANDEEP KAURDr. Jyoti Rattan
1023/08/2012SURAJ PRAKASH AZADDr. Shipra Kaushal and Prof. Nishtha Jaswal
1123/08/2012MEHAK AHUJADr. Devinder Singh
1223/08/2012GURJINDER KAURDr. Shruti Bedi
1323/08/2012LALIT MITTALProf. Bhajan Kaur and Prof. V.K. Bansal
1423/08/2012HARI RAM ANTHALADr. Geeta Joshi
1523/08/2012SHALLU NUNIWALProf. Ranbir Kaur
1622/08/2012SOHAN SINGHDr. Anupama Goel
1709/08/2012PRIYA SHARMADr. Jyoti Rattan
1823/05/2012RAJESH KUMARProf. Shalini Marwaha and Dr. Rajinder Kaur, Army Institute of Law
1917/05/2012SUSHMAProf. Vijay Nagpal
2030/04/2012SUREKHA TANEJAProf. J.K. Chauhan
2125/04/2012SANDHYA ROHALProf. Nishtha Jaswal
2216/04/2012MOHINIProf. J.K. Chauhan and Dr. Devinder Singh
2316/04/2012KANUDr. Anupama Goel
2410/04/2012AMARJIT KAURDr. Shipra Kaushal
2509/04/2012HARVINDER KAURDr. Shipra KaushalUGC
2616/01/2012KAVITAProf. V.K. Bansal and Dr. Anupama Goel
2712/01/2012NAVITA SANDHUDr. Daya Nand Garg
2811/01/2012VIKRAM JIT SINGHProf. Vijay Nagpal and Prof. B.K. Sharma
2911/01/2012JASKARAN SINGHDr. Shipra Kaushal
3011/01/2012DEEPTI GUPTADr. Meenu Paul
3123/12/2011NITINProf. J.K. Chauhan and Dr. Devinder Singh
3215/12/2011AMAN KHERADr. Daya Nand Garg and Dr. Manu Sharma, UIAMS, P.U.
3330/11/2011AKASHDEEP SINGHDr. Jyoti Rattan
3422/11/2011GAURAV AGGARWALProf. Sangita Bhalla
3522/11/2011SIMRAN SINGHProf. M.S. Bains and Dr. Devinder Singh
3622/11/2011SONAL MINHASDr. Paramjit Kaur
3730/08/2011AMRIT PAL KAURDr. Jasmeet Gulati
3829/08/2011GEETAProf. V.K. Bansal and Dr. Anupama Goel
3929/08/2011NANDITA KAUSHIKProf. Vijay Nagpal
4026/08/2011JASVEER SINGHDr. Devinder SinghUGC
4123/08/2011GYANENDRA KUMAR SHARMAProf. Nishtha Jaswal
4217/08/2011ASHA DEVI BHATTProf. Shalini Marwaha and Dr. Anupama Goel
4317/08/2011RAINA KAPOORDr. Meenu paul
4417/08/2011SAHIL KUMARProf. Vijay Nagpal and Prof. B.K. SharmaUGC
4517/08/2011PRAMOD KUMAR SHARMADr. Meenu PaulUGC
4617/08/2011GURMOHAN SINGHDr. Paramjit Kaur and Dr. Devinder Singh
4717/08/2011HARMAN SHERGILLProf. V.K. Bansal and Dr. Anupama Goel
4817/08/2011VIBHUTI YADAVDr. Shruti BediUGC
4917/08/2011JUBLEEDr. Shipra Kaushal
5017/08/2011DHARMENDER SINGH LAMBADr. Meenu Paul
5107/04/2011NAVJEETDr. Shruti Bedi and Prof. R.S. Grewal
5207/04/2011GURPREET SINGHProf. Ranbir Kaur
5306/04/2011GURPREET KAURDr. Jasmeet Gulati and Prof. R.S. Grewal
5406/04/2011KANUPRIYA GREWALDr. Jasmeet Gulati
5506/04/2011GURVINDER SINGHDr. Pushpinder KaurUGC
5606/04/2011YUGDEEP KAURDr. Amita Verma and Dr. Rajinder Kaur
5706/04/2011MUDASIR AHMAD BHATDr. Shruti Bedi
5806/04/2011ALAMDEEP KAURDr. Jasmeet Gulati
5917/02/2011ANJU BERWALProf. P.S. Jaswal
6020/12/2010AMIT SIHAGProf. Bhajan Kaur
6107/12/2010SARIKA GUPTAProf. P.S. Jaswal
6207/12/2010GURJIT KAURNexus Between State Security and Individual Liberty in Relation to Extradition and Asylum: An Analytical StudyProf. M.S. Bains
6325/11/2010VARUN MALIKDr. Daya Nand Garg
6423/11/2010JASWINDER KAURAn Analytical Study of the Judicial Review of Administrative Action in IndiaProf. J.K. Chauhan and Dr. Devinder Singh
6523/11/2010ANJAY KUMARDr. Paramjit Kaur
6608/11/2010KUMARI MONIKADr. Anupama Goel and Dr. Jyoti Rattan
6703/11/2010MANOJ KAUSHIKDr. Daya Nand GargUGC
6803/11/2010SUNIL KUMARProf. R.P. Gupta
6902/11/2010GURPREET KAURHigher Education: A Critique of the Substantive Standards and Their Implementation in the State of PunjabProf. Ranbir Kaur and Prof. R.S. Grewal
7001/11/2010INDU BALADr. Devinder Singh and Prof. B.K. Sharma
7101/11/2010ANAND KUMARProf. Bhajan Kaur
7201/11/2010AMBIKA SHARMAProf. P.S. Jaswal
7329/10/2010LAKHWINDER SINGHExpanding Horizons of Right to Privacy: A StudyProf. Nishtha JaswalUGC
7429/10/2010NANCY SHARMAProf. Sangita Bhalla and Dr. Jasmeet Gulati
7529/10/2010MANPREET KAUREuthanasia and Right to Die with Dignity: A Socio-Legal StudyProf. Nishtha JaswalUGC
7629/10/2010MANPREET KAURProf. Shalini Marwaha and Dr. Paramjit Kaur
7729/10/2010JAGWINDER SINGHProf. M.S. Bains
7828/10/2010SUMAN KUMARI VIMALDr. Paramjit Kaur
7918/08/2010HARPREET KAURLegal Framework for Handling and Management of Hazardous Waste: A Critical StudyDr. Paramjit KaurUGC
8026/08/2009CHARU DUREJAProtection of Copyright and Neighbouring Rights in Digital Age under Indian Law: A Critical AnalysisProf. Bhajan Kaur
8109/06/2009SANDEEP SINGH SIHAGJudicial Review of the Discretionary Powers of Governor: An Analytical StudyDr. Meenu Paul
8205/06/2009ANMOL BRARCritical Evaluation of the Concept and Working of Plea-Bargaining with Special Reference to Indian Criminal Justice SystemProf. Sangita Bhalla and Prof. R.S. Grewal
8327/05/2009JAGMINDER KAURHuman Rights of Non-Citizens (Aliens): Efficacy of International, Regional and Domestic InstrumentsProf. D.N. Jauhar and Dr. Jyoti Rattan
8421/05/2009NAVNEET KAUR DHALIWALEmerging Trends in Corporate Governance in India: A Comparative StudyDr. Shipra Kaushal
8528/04/2009BHARATLaw Relating to Limited Liability Partnership and Its Impact on Business EnvironmentProf. J.K. Chauhan and Dr. Devinder Singh
8628/04/2009CHANDRESHWARI MINHASAn Analytical Study of Climate Change and Its Control in International and National Legal Regime with Special Reference to Shimla and Kangra Districts of Himachal PradeshProf. J.K. Chauha and Dr. Devinder Singh
8728/04/2009RADHIKA DEV VERMAGenetically Modified Organisms: Socio-Legal Implications with Special Reference to IndiaProf. Sangita Bhalla
8809/01/2009PREM CHANDThe Role and Function of National Commission for Scheduled Castes in Implementing Constitutional Safeguard for Scheduled Castes: A Socio-Legal StudyDr. Daya Nand Garg
8923/12/2008DEEPTI MONGALegitimate Expectation in the Realm of Administrative Actions and The Judicial Review: A StudyProf. P.S. Jaswal and Prof. Nishtha Jaswal
9023/12/2008MOAMIL HASSANMoney Laundering International and National Legal Control Mechanism: A Critical EvaluationDr. Vandana A. Kumar
9123/12/2008NEELIMA GARGCriminal Justice System and Its Connect with Fundamental Rights: A CritiqueDr. Geeta Joshi
9205/09/2008CHARAN SINGHConviction Rate and the Role of Public Prosecutor: A Critique of Criminal Justice Delivery System in India with Special Reference to the State of HaryanaProf. D.N. Jauhar & Prof. Vijay Nagpal
9305/09/2008MUNEESHWAR JOSHIA Socio-Legal Critique of the Issue of Reservation with Special Reference to the Constitution (Ninety Third Amendment) Act, 2005Dr. Daya Nand Garg
9401/09/2008KANU PRIYAImmigration From India and Its Implications: A Socio-Legal Study with Special Reference to State of PunjabProf. P.S. Jaswal and Prof. Veer Singh
9522/04/2008SHEKHAR VERMAWinding Up of Companies and Role of the JudiciaryDr. Daya Nand Garg and Prof. Rakesh Gupta
9608/04/2008SHWETA DHIRReproductive Freedom: A Human Rights Issue with Special Reference to IndiaDr. Sangita Bhalla and Dr. Jasmeet Kaur Egan
9708/04/2008ANJALI BANSALCriminalisation of Politics in India: A CritiqueProf. P.S. Jaswal and Prof. Nishtha Jaswal
9808/04/2008SONAL DATTASexual Offences against Women: A Socio-Legal Study with Special Reference to the State of PunjabDr. Ranbir Kaur
9919/02/2008KANWALJEET SINGHA Critical Study of the Law Relating to Crime Investigation with Special Reference to Punjab Police RulesProf. D.N. Jauhar and Prof. Ranbir Kaur
10031/01/2008NEETU GUPTARight to Education: A Critique with special reference to the state of HaryanaProf. Shalini Marwaha & Dr. Anupama Goel
10129/01/2008KULPREET KAURRecognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in International Commercial Arbitration: A Study with reference to IndiaProf. Shalini Marwaha
10222/01/2008VIRENDER DAHIYAA Merger Strategy and Corporate Acquisition: An Analytical StudyDr. Meenu Paul
10321/01/2008ROHITA KUKRETILegal Control Mechanism for Protection and Preservation of Marine EnvironmentDr. Paramjit Kaur
10418/01/2008JASNEET KAUR WALIAExpending Horizons of Freedom of Speech and Expression and the Judicial ResponseProf. Veer Singh & Prof. Nishtha Jaswal
10518/12/2007GURPREET KAURWorking of the Local Self Government with Special Reference to the State of PunjabProf. P.S. Jaswal & Dr. Paramjit Kaur
10627/11/2007RASHMI KHORANA NAGPALHuman Rights Approach to Sustainable Development in National and International RegimeProf. Veer Singh & Prof. P.S. Jaswal
10721/11/2007SUKHBIR KAURImpact of Media in Criminal Justice System: A CritiqueDr. Jasneet Kaur Egan
10816/11/2007DINESH KUMARSocial Auditing of Human Rights Compliance in Transnational Corporations: A Juridical CritiqueProf. J.K. Chauhan and Dr. Devinder Singh
10919/10/2007MAMTA DUTTARecognition and Protection of Folk Medicines: A Study of Emerging Legal RegimesProf. Veer Singh and Prof. Nishtha Jaswal
11019/10/2007NAVDEEP KAUR GILLA Friendly Adoption Regime for Children with Parental Care: A CritiqueProf. Sangita Bhalla
11119/10/2007MONIKA GOYALTrade Marks as Intellectual Property with Special Reference to Well known trademarks: A Critique of Indian LawProf. D.N. Jauhar & Prof. Ranbir Kaur
11219/10/2007RAM KUMAR SINGLAExpending Scope of the Role of Expert Witness in Administration of Justice: A CritiqueHon'ble Justice M.M. Kumar and Prof. Nishtha Jaswal
11306/06/2007ARCHANA WADHWAService Tax Legislation: A CritiqueDr. Bal Krishan and Prof. J.K. Chauhan
11405/06/2007MANPREET GREWALSocio-Legal Perspectives of Alcoholism with Special Reference to the State of PunjabProf. D.N. Jauhar and Prof. Ranbir Kaur
11525/05/2007GURPREET KAURNarcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Act: Its Operational Analysis With Special Reference to the State of PunjabProf. R.S. Grewal and Prof. Veer Singh
11608/05/2007AKASH KHOSLARegulation of Cyber Space: A Socio-Legal Study with Special Reference to Cyber Law in IndiaDr. Meenu Paul
11701/05/2007KRISHANA KUMAR KHANDELWALConcept of Exemptions and Right to Information: A CritiqueDr. Meenu Paul
11801/05/2007NEERU AHUJATheory of Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage under the Hindu Law: A Critical AnalysisProf. Bhajan Kaur
11909/02/2007SATISH KUMARParliamentary Privileges and Powers to the House on Expulsion of Members: A CritiqueProf. J.K. Chauhan and Dr. Devinder Singh
12031/01/2007KARAN JAWANDARights to Women Under Changing Perspective of Hindu Law: An AppraisalProf. Bhajan Kaur
12116/01/2007RUCHI SEKHRIRestorative Justice: A Study in the Context of Indian Criminal Justice SystemProf. R.S. Grewal
12216/01/2007TEJWINDER SINGHLegislative Measures to Control Terrorism and their enforcement With Special Reference to the State of Punjab: A CritiqueProf. V.K. Bansal and Prof. Shalini Marwaha
12316/01/2007ANJU SHARMABail: An Analytical Study of Emergeing Trends in IndiaProf. Veer Singh & Dr. Paramjit Kaur
12416/01/2007VINOD KUMARA Socio-Legal Study of Crimes Against Children with Special Reference to the State of PunjabDr. Devinder Singh
12526/09/2006ANISH KUMARThe Pristine Concept of Death Penalty and the Human Rights of the Condemned PersonDr. Prem Nath
12622/09/2006MANISH KUMAR KHUNGERRight to Information Act, 2005: Its Enforcement and Efficacy with Special Reference to the State of PunjabProf. J.K. Chauhan and Dr. Devinder Singh
12729/08/2006AMIT SHARMASpeedy Justice in Criminal Jurisprudence: A Need for ReformsProf. J.K. Chauhan
12829/08/2006SHEKHAR KUMARAlternative Disputes Resolution System in India: A Socio-Legal StudyDr. Vijay Nagpal
12928/08/2006NEHAJuvenile Justice System: A Socio-Legal CritiqueDr. Vijay Nagpal
13028/08/2006PRABHJOT SINGHCustodial Violence and the Internatioanl Human Rights Standards: A Study of the Indian Penal Justice SystemProf. Sangita Bhalla
13127/06/2006PARMINDER KAURDNA Profile: In Forensic InvestigationsProf. D.N. Jauhar
13219/06/2006RITU JAINIPRs and Regulatory Issues in Herbal Medicines: Their Global RamificationsProf. M.S. Bains
13306/06/2006GOVINDER SINGHA Functional Study of the UN Security council for the Maintenance of International Peace and SecurityProf. M.S. Bains
13423/05/2006MANDEEP MITTALA Critique of Justice Delivery System and the Public Interest in IndiaProf. Veer Singh
13523/05/2006SUKHBIR KAURGenocide and Humanitarian Law: An Analytical Study in International LawProf. M.S. Bains
13623/05/2006SANDIPIKAExpanding Horizons of Corporate Criminal Liability: A Critical EvaluationProf. R.S. Grewal and Prof. Sangita Bhalla
13717/03/2006NARINDER KUMARJudicial Accountability: A Study with Special Reference to IndiaProf. M.S. Bains
13810/11/2005SABINA SALIMTransboundary Environmental Harm: A Critique of Emerging Liability PrinciplesProf. P.S. Jaswal
13917/12/2004SONIA GREWALFarmers' Rights and Food Security in India: A Critique of the Protection of Plant Varieties And Farmers' Rights Act, 2001Prof. D.N. Jauhar and Dr. Raman Mittal
14020/09/2004MANDEEP KUMARProblematics of Urbanisation and Landlord - Tenant Relations In Punjab: A Critique of the Rent ActProf. D.N. Jauhar

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